How Rachel Weisz Proves The iPad Is A Game Changer

Esquire's moving cover from esquireuk on Vimeo.

This might be the most important 13 seconds in publishing. I could go into a long-winded commentary about how this is the warning shot of a cultural wind-change... 

How the digital magazine experience can not only rival, but easily surpass the print experience. 

How the line between filmmaker and photographer is getting blurrier in direct proportion to the sharpness of digital imagery. 

How magazines could be more than style pamphlets, but permanent windows into a moment in time, into the cultural vision of a generation. 

But just click PLAY and'll understand it by the time those thirteen seconds are over. 

If I could have a moving version of Marilyn Monroe's PLAYBOY spread, preserved in digital high definition, with no degradation...yeah, I'll buy your big I-Pod, Steve. Sign me up. 

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