NFL: New England Patriots - Midwestern Edition???

As expected, the Kansas City Chiefs have officially hired Romeo Crennel to be their defensive coordinator, a source close to situation tells ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Crennel is reunited with offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, who was hired recently by Kansas City following his ouster as Notre Dame coach.

Crennel will not start work for a couple of weeks because of a prior commitment -- he'll be the head coach of the East Team in the East-West college football all-star game on Jan. 23 in Orlando, Fla.


Not a total stunner here as this had been rumored, but it sure is interesting to see the Patriots alumni gathering in Kansas City. I maintain that the Pats playoff loss to the Ravens was one of those "end of an era" type losses. While the Chiefs lack the talent to compete at a Super Bowl level right now, they maintain one of the greatest fanbases in sports and should be very interesting to watch going forward.

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