NFL: Dwight Freeney To Sit Out Super Bowl????

That sound you here coming from Vegas is the sound of  thousands of gamblers gritting their teeth and sports-books licking their chops.  Most of the money being bet on the super bowl is being put on Peyton's team and now it looks like one of their key defenders may be sitting it out.  Dwight Freeney has big time knee problems and is looking doubtful for next Sundays big game.

Freeney, who has been in a walking boot all week, flew to South Florida on Friday to begin a battery of treatments for the ankle. Freeney has used a hyperbaric chamber this week to help heal, a technique he often uses to try to heal from injuries quickly.

Freeney is also using a device called ARP that is similar to a stem device to move the blood supply to the damaged ankle. The ARP operates differently than normal stem devices, but ARP has helped him in past years recover quickly from groin and hamstring pulls.


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