Lego Launches New iPhone Application

LEGO Photo is an application for your iPhone and it also works with your saved iPod touch images.  This application lets consumers immortalize their favorite things – or their own CLICK moments – in LEGO form. Users can simply choose a photo from an existing gallery or point the camera to snap a photo then touch the screen to watch their masterpiece build. Additional screen taps shows portraits in nine different color palette options. Celebrating CLICK portraits is easy.

LEGO Photo is available for free download from the iTunes App store; a link from the company’s blog at makes it easy to find the app directly. The best LEGO portraits use photos that are shot at close range against a light, solid colored background.

What gets me most excited about this application is the possibilities it opens up for your average lego fan. The first thing you can plan on me doing with this application is taking a picture and trying to recreate it with actual Legos. Think of it!

Now all I have to do is look through my old box of legos and find enough yellows, reds, and blues.

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