MMA: UFC 112 Will Be The Company's First Open-Air Event

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The UFC is holding its first ever open-air event April 10 in Abu Dhabi, the mixed martial arts organization confirmed Wednesday.

UFC 112 will take place at the Concert Arena at Ferrari World, a theme park on Yas Island, and feature two title fights: lightweight champion B.J. (The Prodigy) Penn against Frankie (The Answer) Edgar and middleweight champion Anderson (The Spider) Silva against Vitor (The Phenom) Belfort


This is definitely going to be the PPV everyone will want to see this year. From the great card to the spectacle of being at the amusement park, UFC 112 is looking like it could be a huge night for Dana White  and company. I'm curious to see how the fighters adjust to the heat. Could lead to some interesting upsets perhaps.

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