Makers of ZOMBIE STRIPPERS Seek Fan Funds For New Web Series

I was a big fan of the movie ZOMBIE STRIPPERS right out of the gate, to the point of actually being singled out as a "quote whore" for calling it the best movie of the year up till that point (it came out in late spring, and it was).

So when I got a press release from the filmmakers about their latest project, it seemed like something worth sharing. Check it out:

In these troubled economic times entertainment companies are exploring new methods of funding. Scream HQ, the company behind the 2008 Sony released Zombie Strippers!,  has turned to the grass roots fund-raising website to finance their next project.

Star Chicks, which stars Penny Drake, Laura Bach and Shannon Malone (three of the beauties from Zombie Strippers!), is a sci-fi comedy set to debut on the web. “We had interest from several companies and then the economy crashed,” said Jim Roof, Star Chicks’ head writer. “We went from having a bidding war to lots of excuses.” The small production company regrouped and decided to revamp the series on a shoestring budget. Projects looking for funding on must offer backers goods and services in return for their pledges. In the case of Star Chicks, backers can get rewards that range from original art from series star Penny Drake, to DVDs to a part in the series.

The series follows three highly trained shape-shifting aliens who are sent to earth to study the planet for eventual takeover. Since Earth is the only planet in the universe to have women, the Scourge believes the gender to be Earth’s most dangerous life form. The highly trained, buck naked intergalactic agents must infiltrate society and prepare Earth for invasion armed with only a no-limit credit card and an issue of COSMO. Bombarded by strange new emotions and desires, hunted by alien police, the newly minted ladies must decide whether to complete their diabolical mission or to save their new homeworld.  And they have to do it all in heels.

The Star Chicks’ funding goal is $12,000. Pledges will be taken until February 15th. Visit the Kickstarter Project Page at -

I have also been informed that ZOMBIE STRIPPERS II is in the works. Good news.
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