LOST: I Can't Believe There's Only One Season Left...

I’ll be writing a column, if you could call it that, for Geek Week occasionally, and I figured my first attempt should be about my favorite thing in the whole world: LOST.

LOST is a perfect combination of everything I love. Mystery. Great characters. What-the-fuck moments. Sci-fi. Fantasy. Time travel. Polar bears. But most importantly, it’s intellectually-stimulating and moving at the same time. Sure, I’m a giant sap, but there have been romantic moments on the show that put THE NOTEBOOK to shame. Charlie’s greatest hits. Everything with Desmond and Penny. Faraday and Charlotte. I could go on and on... LOST just rules and it’s a giant bummer that it’s all about to end.

Now, I’m certainly not one of those guys who judges the show by how often they answer questions or reveal mysteries. In fact, I’m a little bummed that the final stretch is probably going to be light on questions and heavy on answers. But I thought I’d tackle what I think are the most interesting plot threads and character bits on the horizon. I’m also giving myself the opportunity to look like a giant jackass if I’m wrong about everything. I think we’re all going to be wrong, and that’s actually an exciting idea. Who doesn’t love surprises?

WARNING: If you aren’t caught up on LOST this is going to be spoiler city.

DID THEY CHANGE THE PAST/FUTURE? This one is self-explanatory. The season ended with our heroes either causing “the incident” or preventing “the incident.” Faraday seemed to think all his previous theories were wrong and the future could actually be changed. Some people agreed with him. Some didn’t. Everyone ended up raising a ruckus at the end and working together to figure that out. The season ended as open-ended as possible and we’ve had the whole summer and fall to wonder if they were successful. What do I think? Did they stop the plane from crashing? I’m leaning towards yes. Only because of the videos they showed at Comic Con, which could have just been misdirection. Maybe they landed but still have their memories of the alternate reality. Maybe I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.

IS CHRISTIAN THE MAN IN BLACK? Man in Black = Titus Welliver = the dude on the beach with Jacob = The Smoke Monster. We discovered that Jacob hasn’t been in his cabin for a long time in the finale. We also realized that Locke was actually the Man in Black during the second half of the season and Ben was right, dead is dead. Man in Black was obviously manipulating Locke and convinced him that he had to die in order to save his friends. It was a long and tragic con. But Christian was also part of this process and trick, and, like Locke, he’s a corpse on the island. If that’s the case, then he’s most likely also the smoke monster and a bad guy. I think my head just exploded. That’s some heavy shit. When you go back and watch “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” and “Dead is Dead” you realize either Locke’s had the most tragic arc in TV history, or he’s just really bottomed out before his eventual redemption. But how can he be redeemed if he’s dead?

WHO THE EFF ARE THE “SHADOW OF THE STATUE” PEOPLE? I don’t have a lot to say about this one. This was my favorite new element in the last season and I’m really excited to see it played out. It was inspired to make the other passengers a new element of the upcoming war.

WHAT ABOUT THE SKELETONS IN THE CAVE? I’ve been on this one way before the show even mentioned time travel. To be honest, I thought it would be Jack and Kate in the cave, Adam and Eve style, but it’s most likely Rose and Bernard. Or the show’s never going to mention them again. Either way, I’m curious.

The show is so dense that most of what I just typed could easily be dismissed as a bunch of nonsense. There are a million things going on and even more interpretations, but that’s the fun of the show, and I’ll be there with popcorn and beer on February 2nd to see the beginning of the end.
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