Los Angeles Film Critics Association names MULHOLLAND DRIVE best of the decade

Based on a poll of 41 of its members (participation wasn't mandatory!), LAFCA today released its list of the decade's best films, based on weighted top-ten submissions. MULHOLLAND DRIVE tops the list, followed by THERE WILL BE BLOOD and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND.

I confess to never having understood the massive enthusiasm for MULHOLLAND DRIVE...I love Lynch, but the movie always seemed to me to be precisely what it was created as: an hour that was supposed to pay off differently over the long haul, followed by thirty or so minutes of surreal gobbledygook and boobs that some are determined to find narrative in even though I doubt very much that any was intended. Ah well. If you want to argue that LOST HIGHWAY is the best movie of the '90s, I'll have your back on that one.

Further down the chart, in the 50s, things get interesting, as you see idiosyncratic individual choices like JACKASS NUMBER TWO and THE ROOM (okay, I confess, that last one was me). For a more full explanation of why I chose that and my other nine picks, my annotated list is here.

And there's no way I'm gonna let a mention of THERE WILL BE BLOOD slip by without a plug for my semi-popular Youtube parody of same...
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