Go Get This Single: Kid Cudi vs. Dan Black vs. John Carpenter


You heard it here first. Dan Black is going to be that dude in a few months. 

The hip-hop / indie electronica scene is as fertile as ever, and "Symphonies", this collaboration by Dan Black and Kid Cudi deserves to be its' 2010 anthem. 

It's a truly beautiful, pensive, lyrical track that includes a sample of John Carpenter's Main Theme from Starman...which is an impressive piece of music all on its' own. 

I'm not going to post it here, because my friends at RCDLBL want you to go to their most excellent site and listen there. You should bookmark that site anyway. They consistently have great, completely legal promotional downloads from some great electronica artists. 

My suggestion? Save this to your XBOX 360 and play it in Grand Theft Auto IV. Don't shoot anyone. 

Just drive. 

(To my NYC readers: Dan Black has an upcoming show on Feb. 18th at the Mercury Lounge.) 

(To my LA readers: on the 23rd he plays Cinespace. On the 24th he plays Spaceland.) 

And in case I didn't make the link to the song post clear in the above post, you can stream and download it (completely legally) HERE

And here's a video of the sans-Kid Cudi album version of "Symphonies" -- but you have to cop the album to get this one. 

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