Free Electronica Mixtape from SyFy's CAPRICA


All I've seen of CAPRICA was the DVD release that came out a few months back, and I'll admit...that's all I've seen of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. 

I write stories, make films and play video games. Don't judge me, man. I'm gonna get to it. Scout's honor. 

In any case, courtesy of create digital music, pitchfork and XLR8R there's a spanking FREE mixtape inspired by the series, that us kiddies can download legally. Featuring pretty smooth electronica tracks by White Rainbow, Lusine and Atlas Sound, it's definitely worth the button click. You can get the mixtape here

And it's free, dammit. 

CAPRICA premieres on the SyFy Channel on January 22, at 9pm/8 central. 

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