If You Need An App For That, You Have No Business Being A Parent

Seriously?  If you need to spend $29.99 to find out if your baby is “hungry”, “bored”, “in discomfort”, “sleepy” or “stressed” I have many more great ideas and products that I would like to try and sell you.  This ranks right up there with that dog bark translator as the stupidest advance in technology I have ever seen ... and the worst part is that these guys will probably make a fortune.

Here's a parenting tip for free.  If your baby cries and I ever see you reach for your iPhone to find out what is wrong with her, the next call being made will be 9-1-1 after I bash your skull in ... and I am damn sure there is no app to prevent that!

THE CRY TRANSLATOR available from the iTunes store

There is no greater feeling than having a baby to love, nurture and watch grow…but nobody says it’s easy. Babies cry one to four hours per day for five main reasons; they are hungry, sleepy, discomfort, stressed or bored. Distinguishing why your baby is crying is a learned skill. The Cry Translator will reassure parents they are doing the right things to calm and comfort their little one while teaching them how to better read their baby’s first language – their cry.

The Cry Translator eases the anxiety of many parents by building their confidence in understanding and comforting their infant.

> Identifies a cry within three-five seconds

> Deciphers the broad meaning of a baby's cry with 96 percent accuracy*.

> Can be attached or integrated into a variety of products (i.e. baby monitor, smart phone, intercoms, etc)

> Decreases parental and infant stress by allowing a child’s needs to be met more quickly.

> Provides lifetime learning to parents/caregivers in interpreting their child’s crying

via www.biloop.com
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