The $2000 Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN Statue

Cinemaquette, a company I only came across yesterday, revealed the details for a brand new, 29" in height, statue of Christopher Reeve donning his classic Superman garb and flying above a fortress of solitude influenced base.   Though the price has not been announced, the rumor is that it will be in the $2000 price range.  Expensive, right?  As amazing as this statue--and it is amazing--I cannot imagine putting down this much money for any collectible item.

Open for pre-orders in February / March.
Item expected to ship in April / May.

Limited in production to 1,000 units worldwide.

The statue is "constructed of polyurethane composite with realistic silicon skin, the SUPERMAN Cinemaquette's head is individually punched with real human hair." Personally, I find this a bit gross.  Check out the statue below:


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