Wrestling With RAMBO


It’s hard to know where bullshit starts and truth begins with these sorts of rumors, but according to an Australian newspaper, Oscar Nominee Mickey Rourke is set for a role in Sylvester Stallone’s soon-to-lens Rambo 5.

Would it be surprising to hear that Rourke has been approached to join writer/director/producer/powder-spruiker Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming actioner? Nah; after all, Sly just worked with Kim Basinger’s former fruiterer on The Expendables, and if there’s a meaty scene-chewing villain role up for rent in the next John Rambo escapade, it’s pretty safe to say Rourke’s name would be somewhere on the wish list. These days, Rourke’s name is usually on everyone’s wish list.

The ‘Mickey Rourke is joining Rambo 5’ bit appeared in a recent issue of The Herald-Sun Newspaper. No source was cited, nor did the (usually reliable) newspaper offer up any more information on the character Rourke would be playing, so it’s possible the writer lifted the bit from a fly-by-night British tabloid or simply heard someone speak of the rumor in a squalid discotheque washroom . But heck, if it’s true – count me in; Rourke is, and has always been (though it took Hollywood a long time to recognize that was still the case), one of the best actors around. Whether it be for a villain, or even Rambo’s brother (does he have a brother?), he’d do a stellar job. (But I’ve gotta tell you, I’d much rather see Brian Dennehy reprise his role as Sheriff Will Teasle (from First Blood) for what, one hopes, will be the grenade-carrying Vietnam Vet’s final jaunt).

Rambo 5 lenses in the Spring.

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