WIIWAA is Something... Different?

I don't own a Wii.  I'd like to pretend it has something to do with me being a man and finding the concept of using something called a Wiimote a little silly, but really it's because the gaming isn't on par with the other next-gen offerings.  However, I do think that the Wiimote has opened up some truly amazing opportunities for diy-ers at home as well as in the gaming world.

Via engadget comes the latest of such innovations, Wiiwaa.  I'm not even sure I want to know what this game is, but this video must be watched, and if anyone wants to send me a copy of the game (and a Wii) I'll be more than happy to give it a thorough walk through.  Because nothing says manly like a grown man playing with a stuffed animal while watching its digital avatar do the wacky on your tv.  Least that's what mom says.

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