'Undocumented' Small Horror With Big Ambitions

'Saw' and 'Paranormal Activity' Inspired 'Undocumented'
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

By: MrDisgusting


Bloody Disgusting just caught wind of an interesting horror film that was shot way under the radar by Shepherd Glen Productions. Being tested at Warner Bros. Pictures this week, Chris Peckover's Undocumented is said to be a mix of Saw and Paranormal Activity. The features is a suspense thriller in which a documentary crew accompanies a group of illegal immigrants crossing the border, but run afoul when they're captured by a gang of sadistic Radicals on location in New Mexico. Scott Mechiowicz (Mean Creek), Alona Tal (Night of the Living Dead: Origins), Greg Serano (Terminator Salvation), Kevin Weisman, Tim Draxl, Yancey Arias (Legion), Peter Stormare, Adam Kulbersh, Jsu Garcia, Noah Segan (Cabin Fever 2, Deadgirl), Nick Tucci, Jose Marquez, Deborah Martinez, Carmen, Corral, Lore’l Medina, Castulo Guerra and Greta Quezada all star. We'll see if we can't find out more about the film from the producers.

via: Bloody-disgusting

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