'UFC UNDISPUTED 2010' - Now With Kimbo Slice!

Many of you probably missed the world premiere trailer for THQ’s upcoming sequel to the “UFC Undisputed” video game during the Spike TV ‘Video Game Awards.’

You’ll notice one major addition to the video game at the end, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson is a new character that has been added to the game.

With the gameplay footage that is shown, it’s hard to tell what improvements THQ will make in the 2010 version of the highly popular video game, but the first edition was already good as it was.

One thing that many fans complained about was the lack of downloadable content to keep the game fresh and new until the next version came out.

We’ll see if THQ can continue their secret formula on May 25th, 2010.

You can watch the trailer below:

via www.fightline.com

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