I don't know how well known Joe Cornish is outside of the UK. At home he is known for being the tall half of Adam and Joe. A duo whose late night TV show in the 90's got them a cult following and who until last week hosted BBC 6 Musics Breakfast show on Saturday mornings. A show they were using most recently to contemplate the execution of an arguably charming fictional dog called Boggins.

Joe has had increasingly more involvement in the movie world of late though. He has just finished co-writing (with Edgar Wright) Steven Speilberg's The Adventures Of Tin Tin: The Secret Of The Black Unicorn and is still working on Ant Man for Marvel (again with Edgar Wright who will direct it)

So it wasn't a suprise to find out (via Empire) that Adam and Joe's sabbatical is because Joe is directing a film.

Attack The Block is a film written by Joe Cornish about South London teenagers defending their tower block from an alien invasion. It's a co-production between Big Talk and Optimum releasing. And I am going to go out on a limb and predict that its going to be awesome.

The main reason I'm writing about Joe Cornish though is that I've had Adam and Joe's Bobby Deniro song in my head for three days and needed to post it somewhere.
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P.S Kill Boggins
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