Welcome to GeekWeek's live coverage of tonight's TNA FINAL RESOLUTION event featuring GeekWeek contributor Christopher Daniels taking on A.J. Styles for the TNA World Championship. The show is broadcasting live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

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Crowd chanted "Motor City" early on as Shelley tried to combat Magnus's power with quickness. Sabin tagged in. With both champions on the floor, the Guns hit simultaneous, criss cross springboard high cross bodies. The crowd chanted "That was awesome" and "Holy Shit."

Back in the ring, Williams slowed things down and grounded Shelley. As Shelley reached for a tag, Magnus pulled Sabin from his corner. Sabin finally made his tag and cleaned house. He almost won the belts with a tornado DDT on Williams. Shelley tagged in and hit a top rope thrust kick. Awesome spot with Shelley standing on and opening the ropes. Sabin dove through him and hit a suicide dive onto Williams on the floor.

Shelley hit Sliced Bread for a very long two count. All hell broke loose in the ring and the Invasion got the best of the exchange. Shelley and Magnus rose to their feet. Williams held Shelley for Magnus, but Brutus kicked Williams instead. Taz said, "That never works." Funny. They hit a double thrust kick for yet another two count. Sabin hit a Diamond Cutter and they hit a double team high cross body for another nearfall.

The referee douched it up trying to keep Shelley out of the ring, while the Invasion double teamed for what seemed like five minutes. The Brits hit a double team finisher from the top rope and the referee made the three count. After the match, Tenay and Taz ran down the replay and said the Guns did everything but win the belts.


2. O.D.B. vs. TARA for the TNA Knockouts Championship

ODB played mind games before attacking Tara unexpectedly. The crowd was so dead for this match. In what seemed like a five minute long counter move, Tara rolled up ODB to win the belt...

After the match, Christy Hemme interviewed Tara at the bottom of the ramp. Tara thanked the crowd, cried a little bit, and said this was the reason she came to TNA. She said the belt would stay around her waist. ODB rushed angrily to the back.



Rules are simple here. Four of the turnbuckles have cases hanging from them. Once someone pulls down a case, they get that case and the match is over for that person.

Lots of battle royal like action on the floor. Tenay said Eric Young instructed the World Elite to stay away from the briefcases and to keep Beer Money from grabbing one or more. Creed, Bashir, and Deaner fought over case number two. The case fell to the floor. They fought over it.

BASHIR wins Case #2 in 5:03.

BIG ROB wins Case #4 in 5:11.

Young was pissed at Big Rob for grabbing a case because that wasn't the plan. Beer Money worked together and hit a series of double teams moves on their remaining opponents. Nash stopped Storm from grabbing a case and grabbed it himself.

KEVIN NASH wins Case #1 in 7:22.

Everyone started hitting rapid fire moves, highlighted by Young's piledriver on Roode. Lethal had his hands on case number three, but Homicide stopped him. Deaner climbed the ropes, but Joe kicked him to the ground and grabbed the final case.

SAMOA JOE wins Case #3 in 9:19.

Backstage, Christy interviewed both A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle called Desmond Wolfe one of the best he has ever faced, but he would beat him and tend to unfinished business, obviously talking about A.J.'s belt. Styles acknowledged this and said Angle would get his shot, but he has to worry about Daniels tonight.

Back out to the stage, each "winner" prepared to open their case. SoCal Val said one life was about to change.

KEVIN NASH won a TNA World Tag Team Championship match.

SAMOA JOE won a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match.

BIG ROB won a TNA X Division Championship match.

BASHIR got fired.

JB wished Bashir the best in his future endeavors. Bashir got pissed and threw his case before storming off. Taz said "this is not part of the show." Be careful with that. Tenay wondered about Samoa Joe and his shot. They did a nice job playing up the awkwardness.


Because of a match that took place on Impact, Hernandez has to last five minutes on his own before his partners join him. Hernandez was dominated, but he kicked out of Rhino's Gore at the 3:30 mark. He went for another Gore, but Hernandez rolled up Rhino and eliminated him.

HERNANDEZ pinned RHYNO in 4:01.

Hernandez survived the five minutes and his partners hit the ring. Super Mex was completely out of it, but had enough left to hit a suicide dive onto this remaining opponents. Suicide scored several near falls on Neal. Neal hit Suicide with a chair. Hernandez returned the favor.

HERNANDEZ and JESSE NEAL were DQ'ed in 8:22.

Team 3D hit the 3D on Suicide.

TEAM 3D eliminated SUICIDE in 8:53.

Tenay and Taz got confirmation that Neal was indeed disqualified. Team 3D remained for their team, while the Pope and Morgan remained for their team. Team 3D hit another 3D, this time on Dinero, and eliminated him.

TEAM 3D eliminated "THE POPE" D'ANGELO DINERO in 11:11

Morgan was attacked by both Devon and Ray. Morgan attempted to chokeslam Ray, but Devon took out the back of his knee. 3D enjoyed a huge advantage, but Morgan fought back. He hit the carbon footprint on Devon and covered him. The referee came up short on the three count, but Devon never kicked out. He apparently was pinned.

MORGAN eliminated BROTHER DEVON in 15:02.

Morgan tried to finish off Ray with the Hellevator, but it was countered into a DDT for a two count. Ray went after Morgan with a chair but Morgan hit the carbon footprint into the chair, into Ray's face for the win.


5. BOBBY LASHLEY vs. SCOTT STEINER in a Last Man Standing Match

Tenay congratulated Lashley on his "new MMA deal" but did not mention Strikeforce by name. The referee sent Kristal to the back. Steiner was waiting for her. They fought on the floor.

Back in the ring, Lashley hit a nice T-Bone. Lashley applied the Dragon Sleeper and allowed the referee to count. Steiner got up at seven. They fought to the floor again. Steiner scored two seven counts with shots to Lashley's back with his lead pipe.

Lashley was counted down several times but got up every time before the count of ten. Kristal ran down to the ring, grabbed the lead pipe, and threw it (impressively) to Bobby. Bobby speared Steiner and followed up with a pipe shot to the head. The referee counted to ten.



Raven and Stevie made their entrance with weapons and Tenay wondered out loud if the referee was going to allow the weapons to be used. Foley and Abyss made their entrance. Foley had a microphone but you couldn't hear him. It picked him up just in time for him to make the match a "Foley's Funhouse" match where anything goes.

Foley and Raven fought to the back. Abyss kicked Stevie's ass in the ring, but dragged him up the ramp. He was going to powerbomb him, but Raven returned and broke a kendo stick over Abyss' back. They double teamed him and worked on his burnt arm.

The announcers wondered what happened to Foley. Raven took out a gas can and Foley returned just in time with a shopping cart full of weapons. Foley spiked Raven with a piledriver and hit a double arm DDT on Stevie. He laid Stevie on top of Raven and Abyss hit an Earthquake. Foley put Mr. Socko on but Raven threw powder in his face.

Abyss hit the Shock Treatment of Raven, but Raven kicked out. Abyss took out a sock too and Taz said, "Stereo Mr. Sockos." I don't think he was supposed to say that because there was a long pause by both announcers after he said it. Foley took Stevie outside and wrapped him in barbed wired. He laid him on a table and hit a huge elbow from the stage. Nice.

Daffney hit the ring and hit Abyss with a very weak chair shot. He picked her up for the Shock Treatment, but Raven stopped him from hitting the move on her. Abyss hit the Blackhole Slam on Raven for the win.


Samoa Joe cut a very good promo backstage about winning a world title shot. He threatened to go "grab A.J. by the throat right now." He said he was the most dangerous in the world and he had the most dangerous thing. He took a huge step here and adds another dimension to the world title picture.

7. KURT ANGLE vs. DESMOND WOLFE in a Three Degrees of Pain Match

The first fall is a steel cage match that has to end in a pinfall. Tenay said that in this fall and the second fall, which is a submission cage match, neither man can actually use the cage as a weapon.

Angle and Wolfe stayed on the mat very early in the bout. Wolfe's move of choice was a headlock, while Angle kept countering into a hammer lock. Wolfe forced Angle to the mat for several two counts, although Angle was never in real jeopardy of getting pinned. Wolfe got a little closer with a nice headlock takedown.

Wolfe enjoyed the advantage for several moments as it was apparent both Tenay and Taz enjoyed calling the pure wrestling. Angle got the best of an Irish whip sequence and hit a nice suplex. He followed up with a powerbomb into the turnbuckles. Desmond came back and hit his powerful armdrag. His new target was the arm.

Kurt was bleeding a little bit from the top of his head. He hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. He followed with five German suplexes. He went to the top rope, but a quickly recovered Wolfe caught him, hit the Tower of London, and scored a two count. He tried another one, but Angle countered and hit the Angle Slam for a two count of his own.

Angle climbed the ropes and tried a moonsault, but he missed. Wolfe hit the Jawbreaker Lariat. He did not go for the cover. He immediately placed Angle on the top rope and hit another Tower of London for the three count.

DESMOND WOLFE won the first fall via pinfall in 12:40.

Wolfe tried to get Angle to tap out right away in the second fall, but Angle countered into a figure four leg lock. Earl Hebner tried to count the three count, so he obviously did not know the rules. No pinfalls in this fall. Wolfe kept going back to the arm he set up in the first fall. Angle applied the ankle lock, but Wolfe impressively rolled through and locked in a leg scissors on the arm. Taz called it a figure four on the arm. Good description.

Angle rolled out of it and reapplied the ankle lock. Desmond locked in another submission, this time working on the arm and leg at the same time. He changed his focus to the arm alone and nearly won the match. They continued to counter each other and Wolfe actually applied Angle's ankle lock. Counter after counter after counter and the crowd appreciated it.

They chanted "This is wrestling." Wolfe locked in a triangle and Angle turned beet red. Angle tried again to apply the ankle lock and was successful. Wolfe finally tapped out.

KURT ANGLE won the second fall via submission in 19:17.

The winner of the third fall is the first man to exit the steel cage. Angle tried to leave right away, but Wolfe stopped him. Both men ascended the ropes, but Angle threw Wolfe to the mat. He then tossed him into the cage and Wolfe started bleeding like a fountain from his forehead. Wolfe regained the advantage and crawled to the huge door. Angle ran after Wolfe and Wolfe swung the door into Angle.

Angle got up again and pulled Wolfe back into the ring. He applied the ankle lock again and Wolfe tapped out multiple times. Wolfe was convulsing as he laid in a pool of his own blood. Angle relinquished the hold and climbed the cage. Wolfe noticed and made a mad dash to the door. Angle beat Wolfe out by a second or two to win the third fall.

KURT ANGLE won the third fall by exiting the cage first in 25:33


8. GeekWeek Contributor CHRISTOPHER DANIELS vs. A.J. STYLES for the TNA World Title

This match started very similarly to the previous match. Daniels worked on Styles' arm as Styles countered with a chin lock. During an Irish whip sequence, Daniels missed a dropkick because A.J. telegraphed it. They ran the ropes again after Daniels sidestepped a springboard attempt by Styles. It ended with A.J. hitting a huge dropkick of his own.

Styles hit a nice snap suplex and Taz took my thought out of my mind by comparing it to the Dynamite Kid. Daniels retreated to the floor and Styles quickly followed him with a flip dive (somersault plancha). He rolled him back in and after a couple of moves, Daniels made a comeback. He closelined Styles to the apron and Styles fell to the floor, hitting his head.

Daniels sat Styles in a chair and grabbed another one. The referee took the one chair and while he was distracted with it, Daniels put Styles through the other chair with a Rock Bottom. Back in the ring, with both men on the ropes, Daniels looked like he was going to hit a back suplex, but instead, he jumped back and threw Styles across the top turnbuckle. Nasty move I don't recall seeing before.

Daniels kept his advantage going until Styles pulled a jumping back suplex out of nowhere. Styles started throwing hands and he was landing them. They fought to the apron and Daniels looked like he was going to try a hurricarana, but Styles deposited Daniels to the floor. He hit the ground hard.

In the ring, Daniels tried to retreat from A.J., but Styles would not relent. He hit a FU into a backbreaker. He followed with the springboard/reverse DDT combination for a two count. Daniels had more fight in him though as he turned the tides. He sat Styles on the top rope and hit a hurricarana, followed by a Shining Wizard (knee and not a kick) for a two count. Crowd was not into the nearfall.

Daniels tried a suplex and Styles blocked it. He tried another one and Styles countered with a sick brainbuster. Styles hit a springboard move and covered Daniels, but Daniels placed his foot on the bottom rope. Styles went for the Styles Clash, but Daniels fought out. He hit the Pele. They repeated that exact sequence, but A.J. could not pin him. Daniels fought back and hit the BME for a nearfall of his own.

Styles slingshot Daniels into the corner and when Daniels came back, he was in prime position for the Styles Clash, which he hit. However, Daniels kicked out. Styles went to the top but Daniels met him again. He tried another hurricarana, but Styles caught him and hit a top rope Styles Clash for the three count...

After the match, Styles celebrated with his belt as Daniels looked on from the ground.


That's all she wrote. We'll see you next time folks!

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