David Devant and His Spirit Wife are one of my all time favourite bands. Unfortunately they've never really achieved the success I believe they deserve. They came pretty close in the UK in the late nineties with their single Ginger. It was just a couple of sales off breaking the top forty and that was at a time when you needed to sell a ton of records to accomplish that.

Despite their not breaking through to the mainstream, they had a massive effect on me. When I was growing up I had 'Destroy Consensus Reality' scrawled on my school bag, which was something I'd seen held up on a sign by one of their spectral roadies (people they had on stage performing outlandish antics whilst they played). Also their lead singer sporting a mustache is the reason that I had one for a number of years, and at one point I even sprayed my shoes silver with car paint to make them look like shoes I had seen Vessel (their lead singer) wearing in a press shot.

I am quite a big fan.

Their singer Vessel has a solo career now as Mr Solo, but a decade ago he had a side project called Carfax. Their first album 'Mementos From A Digital Age' has been quite hard to get hold of for a while. Until today, that is, as he has posted it for free on his blog.

Now I know, sadly, I'm talking about quite an obscure band here, and an even more obscure side project on top of that. If you want to dip your toes in and have a listen, though, I recommend checking out 'Kisses With Love In Them', 'You Are Here' and 'Window Box'

And here is the video for their nearly breakthrough hit Ginger

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