In The Not Too-Distant Future: MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 VOL. XXIV

For a show that was all-too-often treated like a redheaded stepchild by its networks (The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central, Sci-Fi) during its decade-plus run on television, Mystery Science Theater 3000 has survived and thrived even when some of the cultural references mentioned have faded into the ether. While the show’s writers...

Just What The Doctor Ordered: Daleks, Dinosaurs, Robots And A Baby Angel

WAKE UP WEST COAST!!!!! It's Christmas. Not really, but I am really, really excited. The trailer for the new season of DOCTOR WHO has been released, so take a deep breath, strap in and enjoy one of the best 1:38 you will spend this year. Amazing. I am so happy...

Thank You Christian Bale

In a move worthy of Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale took himself to Aurora to visit the survivors of last week's tragedy and to pay tribute to those who senselessly lost their lives. Warner Brothers reported that he was doing this on his own. Thank you Christian Bale ... a superhero...

DOCTOR WHO Goes Mainstream

Whether you like it or not, being featured on the cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY is a big deal. Being featured on the cover of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY when you are a low rated show on a "foreign channel" is phenomenal. Congratulations to everyone at DOCTOR WHO ... let's see if this...

SDCC 2012: MAN OF STEEL Teaser Trailer Will Debut In Theaters This Week

It was announced today that the first teaser footage for MAN OF STEEL will debut before THE DARK KNIGHT RISES this coming week. The extended footage was revealed at SDCC 2012 and you can read about it here: We’ve just been treated to a Con-exclusive teaser for Man of Steel....

SDCC 2012: GAME OF THRONES - Meet the New Cast Members

Straight from San Diego ... New cast members introduced on video.

Two Minute Sneak Peek: DEXTER Season 7

Showtime have released the first two minutes of the opening episode of DEXTER Season 7.

SDCC 2012: THE WALKING DEAD Season 3 Trailer

The Sarah Silverman Program: The Complete Series

Much like her cranky HBO counterpart Larry David, Sarah Silverman fans come in two flavors— you either like her or you don’t (and those who don’t really don’t). She’s funny and cute, but incredibly sarcastic and cutting and isn’t afraid to go over the line. That’s why her Comedy Central...


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN director Marc Webb discusses the enhanced IMAX 3D sequences and introduces the new TV Spot, paying particular attention to the finale. What will you pay to see?


The war for comic book movie dollars intensified when this new billboard was unveiled over the weekend on Sunset and La Brea in Los Angeles ... over to you Spidey?

DREDD: Judgment is Coming Trailer

The first trailer for DREDD is now online. The movie will be released on September 21, 2012.


Hard to judge from a trailer but ... this looks like it could be the best in the series so far.

SDCC 2012: TV Panel Calendar July 12-15

The TV Panels have been announced for Comic-Con for July 12 - 15. Very interested in learning more about the plans for ARROW, SONS OF ANARCHY, DC NATION and FRINGE ... but there is plenty for everyone, even if there is an amazing emphasis on animation. More details can be...

MAN OF STEEL Costume Photos from Licensing Expo 2012

The first pictures of the "controversial" Superman costume that Henry Cavill wears in the 2013 movie MAN OF STEEL are now online, along with other items of interest from the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas ... this isn't your father's Superman. The full gallery can be seen here. and...