Batwoman vs. The Dark Knight

You might not know it from the current run of Batwoman comics, but when Kathy Kane was introduced in 1956 it was purely as a love interest of Batman, to dispel rumours about his having a homosexual relationship with the sidekick Robin. She was around for less than ten years...

Red Band Trailer: KICK-ASS 2 Premiere - NSFW

KICK-ASS 2 will be released by Universal Pictures on August 16, 2013. I think we have a contender for the movie quote of the year ..."Yeah, there's a dog on your balls." Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

COPRA #4 Review

"COPRA" is a 24-page monthly comic and a force of nature. It proves that sometimes the best thing to do is to do it yourself. That is what Brooklyn cartoonist Michel Fiffe has concluded. He is on a quest to create something different and compelling. It is a journey that...

IRON MAN 3: Final Global Theatrical Trailer

2:31 of joy and goodness ... in theaters May 3, 2013 via

110th TOY FAIR 2013 Opens In New York

Despite the weather, Toy Fair 2013 is open and I am sad I had to miss it. That being said, I will be excitedly gathering pictures over the next few days and compiling my must have toys. Already leading the pack are the BATMAN Original Series range from Mattel and...


For many decades, I never used to pay much attention to anything in the DC Universe unless it involved Gotham City or Metropolis. That changed with BLACKEST NIGHT when my weekly comic bill skyrocketed out of control. I don't think BLACKEST NIGHT was perfect, but what it did was reopen...

MAN OF STEEL: Official Trailer

I believe we may be about to get the Superman movie we have all been waiting for ... watch, be amazed and feel free to shed a tear or two of joy.

DREDD: 2012 Teaser Poster

The first movie poster and a few new stills from DREDD were released from this September's blockbuster starring Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Oliva Thirlby. Hopefully this new version of JUDGE DREDD will do justice to the hero from the UK's 2000AD comic book. Not to be confused with Sylvester...

COMING SOON: Marvel/Reebok Superhero Sneakers for "Big Kids"

Now I don't have to be jealous of my son's snazzy geek footwear. It is also refreshing that they have created the two pairs for geekettes as well. You can see the full range here Marvel Superhero Sneakers Reebok X Marvel Officially Licensed Limited Edition Sneakers! The sneakers drop this...

IRON MAN 3 (Photos): Iron Patriot Spotted on Set

The early speculation about whether The Iron Patriot would appear in IRON MAN 3 seems to be right on the money as these new set pictures show. James Badge Dale was pictured in the outfit. He is listed as appearing as Eric Savin (Coldblood), so it will be interesting to...

THE WALKING DEAD (Video): "Season 3 Premiere Will Top the Season 2 Finale"

As "Zombie Fever" grips the US, Florida and Facebook in particular, let's take a look at the latest update from the set of THE WALKING DEAD. “Darker, harder, faster, deeper.” Andrew Lincoln and the cast of The Walking Dead welcome you to the set of Season 3. via

MARVEL HEROES: First Trailer and Details Released

This looks amazing. Gazillion Entertainment, a leading developer, publisher and operator of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, has revealed the first glimpse of the eagerly anticipated free-to-play online game "Marvel Heroes." Taking the MMO category to a completely new level of excitement and engagement, "Marvel Heroes"combines action role-playing games with...

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: New Posters - Hit or Miss?

With the pressure mounting on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to challenge THE AVENGERS' box office supremacy, Warner Brothers released a single poster earlier this week, which left me (along with many other people) underwhelmed. I imagine that feedback must've trickled back to WB because they released 6 more posters ......

THE WALKING DEAD: Uncovered Michonne Revealed

Two weeks into shooting Season 3 of THE WALKING DEAD, Entertainment Weekly have brought us the first glimpse of Danai Gurira as Michonne without her cloak. Season 3 is due to air on AMC in the Fall. Ever since we saw that cloaked figure brandishing a katana sword while accompanied...

DC Entertainment To Fight Hunger Crisis in Horn of Africa

DC Entertainment is out to fight the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa and you can help too:
Featuring Iconic Justice League Characters, Multilayered Campaign
To Leverage All Time Warner Advertising Platforms
Generating Significant Awareness of the Crisis

Multi-Million-Dollar Commitment Will Support
Three Aid Groups Working in Africa:
Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps

(January 23, 2012 – New York, NY) DC Entertainment, home of the world’s greatest super heroes, today unveiled an unprecedented giving campaign to fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. This multi-million-dollar commitment over the next two years will be supported across all Warner Bros. Entertainment’s and Time Warner’s businesses and feature DC Entertainment’s iconic Justice League characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, issuing the call to action, “We Can Be Heroes.” The announcements were made at a press conference today in New York by Barry Meyer, Chairman & CEO, Warner Bros.; Jeff Robinov, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Group; and Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment.

We Can Be Heroes will support the efforts of three humanitarian aid organizations working in Africa—Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps—as part of the global effort to fight the current hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. The region is suffering its worst drought and famine in over 60 years, with 13 million in need of critical assistance and 250,000 facing starvation in Somalia alone. Each partner organization was chosen for its track record of effective and expeditious humanitarian aid efforts in Africa.

We Can Be Heroes will be supported via promotional exposure across all of Time Warner’s divisional advertising platforms (Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting, Time Inc., HBO), generating millions of consumer impressions and creating crucially needed awareness of this crisis worldwide. Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps will equally share a corporate donation of at least $2 million over the next two years comprised of cash donations, employee matching funds and consumer matching funds.

“Warner Bros. has a long history of corporate philanthropy and outreach, and this campaign proudly continues that tradition,” said Meyer. “We are a global company, and this is a global issue. By marshalling our expertise in consumer and fan engagement and creating global awareness, we hope we’re able to inspire others to join us in becoming ‘heroes’ and make a difference in the Horn of Africa.”

The Justice League characters were chosen by DC Entertainment both for their global recognition as well as their demonstration of strength in unity and numbers. The campaign’s graphic identifier features the iconic Justice League characters—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg—outlined in silhouette against the African continent. Each of these characters is a super hero in his or her own right, but when they band together as the Justice League, they become an unstoppable force for good and right in the universe—a key message of the We Can Be Heroes campaign. While many individuals may feel powerless to effect change on their own, as part of a global campaign such as this, their efforts, combined with those of other donors, can create a world of change.

A key launch element of We Can Be Heroes is the campaign’s website, Here, consumers can make donations which DC Entertainment will match 100 percent (up to $1 million in donations), purchase specially branded merchandise, with 50 percent of the purchase price going to fight the hunger crisis via We Can Be Heroes, sign up for newsletters and updates, and join the We Can Be Heroes online community. The site will also feature information on each of the partner organizations and updates on current conditions in the Horn of Africa.

“This campaign goes straight to the heart of our core competency, as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment both have a rich legacy of telling socially relevant, compelling stories with characters embraced by global audiences,” said Robinov. “The fact that we’re able to take what we do and use it to raise awareness—and inspire action—around a cause as important as this is gratifying. With the support of the entire Studio and our Time Warner sister companies, this campaign, like the DC Comics super heroes, will make a great impact on an important issue.”

“The members of the Justice League are an international team of super heroes beloved by a broad range of fans, including men and women, young and old. This makes them the perfect ‘spokescharacters’ for this campaign,” said Nelson. “Their dedication to social justice and commitment to band together to defend the helpless brilliantly supports the ideals of the We Can Be Heroes campaign. The hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa is something we can reverse if we all work together. I’m proud and grateful we’re able to harness the power and standing of the DC Comics brand and iconic characters as well as for the support from both Warner Bros. and Time Warner that has allowed us to pursue this unprecedented initiative."

“This is a tragic situation affecting millions and millions of people. Everyone has the ability to be a part of the solution and efforts such as We Can Be Heroes help bring us closer to that goal,” said Dr. Jill Biden, who visited refugees in Kenya in August and has worked to raise awareness of the crisis. “I commend the efforts of DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. and other organizations who are using their global reach to help raise awareness of the crisis.”

For more information on We Can Be Heroes, visit . For more information on the campaign’s partner organizations, visit their websites: (Save the Children); (International Rescue Committee) and (Mercy Corps).