Five Smart Ways To Boost Your Home Movie Experience


Are listening to music, watching movies, and playing games at home in your top five favorite things to do? Is there nothing better than kicking back with a cold beer, dimming the lights, and catching up on the new Marvel series? Well, did you know your home entertainment system could be holding you back? From old equipment, to a limited catalog, to even the wrong lighting, you could be diminishing your experience, without even knowing. These are just a few things you could do which, although they won’t cost the earth, will make a significant difference to your entertainment system.

  1. Match your speakers

As you go through life, things tend to get added and taken away from an entertainment system as you get more money, or upgrade aspects of it one at a time. This could, in fact, be seriously taking away from your experience, especially if you’re a huge music fan. When your speakers aren’t well matched, they could be competing for your attention, meaning you're not able to appreciate the sound as it was intended. Next time you upgrade a speaker, try to upgrade all of them, and then take time to match them together in your system so that sound effects are heard as they’re supposed to.

  1. Improve the little things

Your speakers and screen aren’t the only determining factors in your viewing pleasure, but even the little things, such as your internet speed, wires and connectors, can have a big impact on the quality of the picture or sound. So if you’re spending a lot on a new screen, speaker, or subwoofer, be sure to spend just a little bit more to upgrade your wires and connectors, otherwise, there might be no point in the upgrade at all. 

  1. Expand your catalog

If you’re a fan of the TV shows, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon subscriptions are an absolute must. But be sure you’re also using a VPN when necessary to increase the catalog you have available by drawing from other countries’ catalogs, as explained by Now, not only do you have the whole world’s online shows at your fingertips, but you can also get your favorite shows online when you’re abroad - bonus!

  1. Paint it black

Alright completely painting your room black might be overkill, but you do want to be able to make it as dark as possible. You might not realize it, but getting the right lighting when you’re watching a show or movie can be really important to the quality of the experience. Movie theaters completely darken the room, which can be tricky in a home with windows and doors. Blackout blinds are a great option if you want the pitch black experience.

  1. Improve your layout

Sometimes, simply rearranging the room to square up the couch with the television or projector, and reconfigure the speakers is all it takes to improve your viewing experience significantly. This guide by is great for understanding the best configuration. Simply having the speakers in the right place, relative to your ears, changes the quality of the sound, but also helps to create the surround sound effect that is so coveted.

When your home entertainment system is one of your main hobbies, making sure it’s perfect is essential.

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