Turn Your Geeky Passions Into Money!

Our love for the wild and whacky is often seen as just recreation. However, many people don’t understand the passion that a geek has for a series or universe. The world of Star Wars can’t be compared to just any other sci-fi universe, and Lord of the Rings is such a deep and mystical world that we can’t help but immerse ourselves in the fictional culture.


Whatever you love, it probably has absolutely nothing to do with your day job—but how about we change that? You’ve probably envied the lucky few that make a living from watching and reviewing movies and films or the people that play video games for a living. Luckily with the increasing popularity of YouTube content, blogging and even live broadcasting directories such as Twitch.tv, there are many business opportunities for geeky individuals (or groups) to start a business that revolves around their love for film, television and games.



Blogging and Articles

Have you ever seen those “Top 10 Facts About Game of Thrones” style articles? You may have even read a few or scoffed at the inaccuracies in some of those articles. But here’s the kicker: did you also know that these articles can make someone hundreds of dollars for writing it, and then thousands more in ad revenue and affiliate links? Yes, it’s true. Even a small review or a humble quiz such this Star Wars one at quizsocial.com/the-ultimate-star-wars-trivia-quiz can earn a healthy income when combined with other articles and posts.

If you truly have a passion for something, then you can always blog about it and attract fans that share your interests. With some hard work and dedication, you could turn something you love into interesting articles, compelling critique and even advertise some products for various companies that are related to the franchise you love. Imagine receiving some anime merchandise for review purposes for free—now that’s exciting!



There are many YouTube content creators that just love to talk about their favourite shows, things they hate and even video games. While it might be slow to start, with the correct exposure, marketing strategy and content in your videos, you could create something amazing within a couple of weeks. Post your video on the internet on various discussion forums and subreddits, maintain high production values and stay topical. Those are the key points you need to remember when creating YouTube content.

YouTube presents many challenges for creators. Not only do you need some decent equipment to record gameplay footage or videos of yourself, you also need to ensure that you have someone (perhaps a friend or family member) proof-watching your content, pointing out mistakes and generally trying to give you critique. While you might get a couple of dislikes or low viewer counts at the beginning, make sure you stick to it and keep on improving. YouTube is a tough market to crack, but once you’re in, you can make as much content as you want and people will watch it like loyal fans.

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