Under Wraps: Top Gifts for Geeks Who Have Everything

It was prophesied that the geeks shall inherit the earth, but whether that was overstating it a bit or not, if you are gift buying for someone who fits firmly in this category, here is a look at some of the gifts they will want but probably haven’t yet got, while contemplating their next move.

Tech gifts for geeks tick all of the right boxes, like a quiet keyboard for example, and if you are wondering what to wrap up for them this season, you will soon find that you are quite spoilt for choice.


Get creative with a 3D printing pen

There are probably not that many geeks around who turn down the chance to doodle in 3D, so the 3Doodler Create would be a good gift to give.

The latest version of the pen is claimed to  be the smoothest yet and offers simplified and intuitive controls, plus a new feature in the form of an ambient light bar.

The 3Doodle Create extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens in front of your very eyes and the creative possibilities are virtually endless, in fact, you might not want to wrap it up when you start playing with the pen yourself.


Light up their world

It would be hard to imagine any true geek turning their nose up at the chance to use a mobile projector, that fits in the palm of your hand but provides larger-than-life entertainment on the go.

The RIF6 Cube is a tiny mobile projector that measures just 2-inches but they say that size isn’t everything, and that is the case with this little powerhouse of entertainment. The LED light projection offers a display that stretches up to 120 inches.

The multimedia possibilities will have geeks everywhere getting excited and this includes the chance to create an impromptu cinema experience, anywhere you like.


Buy them a self-aware robot

Who knows where artificial intelligence is going to take us in the future, but right now, you can buy the geek in your life a gift that will keep on giving.

The Anki Cozmo could possibly be one of the coolest gift options for techies that you are likely to find, and this endearing little robot not only comes into your ownership with a real personality from day one, but thanks to AI, Cozmo is self-aware, which means that it will tell you how it is feeling.

The clincher for techies, is the fact that the Anki Cozmo offers a developer platform, allowing the owner to add some more features to their robot.


The ultimate mouse for gamers?

An integral part of the geeks world is gaming, so they are going to get excited when they unwrap the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Gaming mouse you have just bought them.

For those that know what they are actually doing when they are in gaming mode, the Chaos Spectrum offers pro-grade performance and wireless mode if you want it. The customizable buttons and lighting options are probably the deal-clincher for the geek in your life.

These are just a few examples of some of the top gifts for geeks, even if you thought that had everything, which is never going to be the case when it comes to tech.


Jacob Woodward writes a variety of articles which are tied to tech in one way or another, him being the tech guy that he is!

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