The Godly Home Entertainment Setup You've Always Wanted!

It’s the crown jewel in any pop culture lover’s crown. It’s the throne room, the hub, the room you’ll be likely spending hundreds of hours in. We’re talking about setting up a proper entertainment centre. If you get it right, it can be oh-so-satisfying. Get it wrong and it can be downright jarring. So, here’s how you get it right.


Get space savvy

The very first thing you have to do is start planning around the space you have. Particularly in regards to the placement of the TV that will be the focal point of the whole plan. Hopefully, you should get a TV based on the space you have. Then you can figure out the optimal space from couch-to-TV. Too close and not only is it unhealthy, but it’s uncomfortable to get the whole image. Similarly, you should have some space behind your couch. That way, people can traffic through without interrupting the entertainment time.

Keep it classy

A home entertainment system is some serious business. So you want it to have the kind of class and aplomb that fits. This means taking care of any mess and fuss that builds when you tend to have a lot of tech in one place. For organizational and aesthetic purposes, you really want to get some cable ties in there so that the lead mass doesn’t become unwieldy. With a bit of tech savvy, you can make it even cooler with things like a slide out TV control. This means when it’s not in use, your TV is nicely tucked away.

Don’t skimp out on the sound

A lot of people spend plenty of money getting an awesome TV setup only to skip sound altogether. If you want the best gaming and cinema experiences, you absolutely have to go with surround sound. From getting high-quality speakers to learning proper placement. As a few ground rules, make sure those powerful bass subwoofers are set on the floor. Don’t block any surrounding speakers with a couch. Instead, look at things like bookshelf speakers from Q Acoustics. You want to place speakers in a way that creates a triangle around the whole seating area. That way no-one sitting is left out of the surround effect. Another great option are wireless TV speakers, which have exploded in both quality and popularity in recent years. 

Nerd it up

If you want to get in the mood, you should do a bit of atmosphere setting. What’s your jam? If it’s video games, movies or other pop culture, make it part of the décor. Get your favourite posters on the wall. Have little trinkets on the coffee table that remind you of your most beloved franchises. This is your haven, so it’s your perfect opportunity to nerd it up and surround yourself with the stuff that you love.

A lot of effort needs to go into the setup and care of a home entertainment system. Take care of your tech and keep the space uncluttered and clean. This should be your haven for years to come so keep it in good condition. From then on, it’s just about making the best use of it you can.


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