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Embrace your inner geek with this rundown of some of the best gadgets on the market. Christmas is just around the corner, so pick your favourites and try and persuade someone to buy them for you. Or, you know, buy them for someone else...


Doctor Who is fifty! If you weren’t glued to the TV on November 23rd, you shouldn’t be reading this. If you were, why not reverse the polarity of your neutron flow by making a cup of tea using this amazing TARDIS infuser. T.A.R.D.I.S stands for Tea And Relative Drinks Including Sugar, of course, so there’s a perfectly valid reason for someone to own one of these.


This is genuinely brilliant – a mini-laser projector from Epic that creates a virtual QWERTY keyboard on any flat surface. It’ll work with all Bluetooth smartphones and tablets, and has the option of playing keyboard sound effects as you type. The projector itself is only around 3” (70mm) tall, so you can take it anywhere.


Gambling geeks could do worse than ask for a new iPad Air for Christmas. Load it up with your favourite casino apps and get betting! Many of the best sites are territory-dependent; gaming law varies from state to state in the US. If you’re interested in online gambling New Jersey style, for example, check the legal and security status of your chosen casinos first.


For the geek that just want to rock, here’s a pocket-size guitar amp that turns cardboard boxes and windows into speakers! Vibration is the key to the Yaba X Portable Surface Speaker, and a frequency response of 50Hz – 20kHz (that’s pretty damn low to pretty damn high) means you’ll be surprised by the sound quality.


Dedicated gaming headsets are everywhere these days – but this one is rather more distinctive than most. The Comrad Gaming Helmet is a wireless device that works with all modern consoles, PC’s and Macs. Just remember to take it off when you leave the house. You do leave the house occasionally, don’t you?


Death Star on the blink? You need the Haynes Death Star Owner's Technical Manual. Track down that tricky carburettor part number, and explore the origins and design of the Death Star with loads of diagrams and cutaways. Is there one of these for the TARDIS? (Answer – sort of.)

Finally, how about a robot that’s controlled by your iPhone? The Romo Smartphone Controlled Robot will wander round your house (or anywhere else) taking pictures and interacting with stuff in all kinds of amusing ways. His caterpillar-style tracks will keep him on the move across some fairly rough terrain.


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