Amercian Horror Story was one of last year's biggest breakout hits and so it was no surprise when FX announced that the show would be back for a second season. What did end up being a surprise however, was pretty much everything else. It turns out the show's first season storyline will have NOTHING to do with the second. Oh sure there will be some returning actors and actresses from the first (Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Even Peters) but they will all be playing NEW characters.

Yep, the season will be set in the 1960's and will revolve around an insane asylum run by Lange's character (I'm picturing Mad Men meets House on Haunted Hill for some reason). I think we can all count on it being chalk full of disturbing mental patients, naughty nurses and perhaps some doctor baddies. One character to keep an eye on is being played Chloe Sevigny. She will be taking on the role of "Shelly the Nymphomaniac." Shelly apparently loves sex so much that her husband has her committed. I don't know about you, but he sounds like the crazy one here.

There's a creepy new trailer out (below) for the show's second go around that has Jessica Lange's new character emptying contents from a picnic basket in the woods and then walking away. What is she doing? Who is she feeding? Is it Maroon Five's Adam Levine (who will also be showing up for a few eps this season)? Probably not, but he certainly could use a few sandwiches. And to think Lavine isn't even the strangest guest star for this new chapter of the show. Marc Consuelos, yes - Mr. Kelly Ripa, will be popping by too. Strange.

So what do you think? Will American Horror Story: Asylum bring the same amount of scares with all these random guest stars, returning actors in new roles and sex crazed mental patients? Or were you hoping for more of Constence, the Harmon family and ghosts in full black rubber body suits?

The show returns to FX this October.



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