Details From The Heinz Field Shoot Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     A couple of days ago, Christopher Nolan and the cast and crew of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES took over Heinz Field in Pittsburgh to shoot a scene for the film. Some footage and images taken by extras have emerged online, and they reveal quite a bit about what the scene entails. SPOILERS AHEAD!

     The scene involves Bane interrupting a Gotham Rogues game. The field explodes and he appears from a tunnel, taking a microphone from a dead referee to tell the attendees of Gotham's impending liberation - all the while holding a bomb in his hands.

      Here is a video, via Screenrant, that shows a good portion of the destroyed field, as well as the camo tumblers we saw before. They were rolled out to entertain the extras and were not used in the scene:




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