Valve Makes TEAM FORTRESS 2 Free-To-Play


     Valve is known for its daring marketing and publicity strategies, but this latest move takes things to a whole new - and possibly disastrous - level. The developer is making one of its most popular games, TEAM FORTRESS 2, available for free, "forever."

     Valve's Robin Walker told Develop Online that the game will only be monetized through the sale of in-game items, a practice that is already in place. Valve will neither actively advertise the game nor offer premium subscription services or "pay-to-win" options to boost profits.

     One goal of this move, Walker said, is for the developer to learn more about Valve's customers. It is an experiment in customer relations, and certainly a bold one at that.

     For players, this has a more immediate effect: now you have no excuse not to play TEAM FORTRESS 2!



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