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And the DL list and injury scares just keep building and building. Hanley Ramirez owners have to hold their breath and wait til Friday to hear the fate of their #1 pick. They won’t lose much,as it’s not like he has performed this season… The quad if Matt Holliday is taking him to the injured list… The promising season of Kyle McClellan is being interrupted with a 15 day layover on the DL… Dan Haren is gimpy…  Seems the only truly healthy guys are the .220 hitters and the finesse pitchers… Al Albuqueque. Now there’s a pitcher with a name I can get behind… Congrats on your first victory Ubaldo Jimenez. Obviously fame is not your friend… Ryan Roberts is quietly throwing together a nice season in Arizona and has multi position eligibilty to boot… Anyone notice I’m the only one posting to the site? Love me, read me, follow me!

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