HitFix stumbled upon some spoileriffic (let's make that a word) news from the BATMAN world. It concerns a certain actor from BATMAN BEGINS reprising his or her role in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Needless to say, there be spoilers ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Still with me? Good. Because this is pretty big news about a production that is notorious for its secrecy.

     According to HitFix, Liam Neeson was on set on Monday to shoot a scene as Ra's al Ghul. It is unclear whether he was shooting a flashback scene or a scene set in the present, but one thing is for sure: Neeson played the role of the BATMAN villain in front of cameras on Monday.

     It is important to note that just a couple of months ago, Neeson said that he had not been contacted about being in the third BATMAN film. Was that deliberate misdirection on his part, or was there a sudden change in the script requiring that he reprise his role? Does this mean that we might see Talia al Ghul after all, as many fans have speculated - and hoped? Clearly, this news begs many more questions than it answers.

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