DC Announces Post-FLASHPOINT Plans, Including Universe-Wide Reboot


     DC Comics has finally broken its silence on the publisher's plans once FLASHPOINT, its current miniseries event, wraps up with FLASHPOINT #5 on August 31.

     DC plans to reboot the entire universe, beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, from the creative team of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. The book will be one of only two titles to ship on August 31 (the other being FLASHPOINT #5), the effective end date of the DC Universe as it stands.

     Beginning in September, all DC titles will be renumbered beginning with #1 issues. Jim Lee also redesigned over 50 DC characters as part of the reboot.

     DC further announced that all of the company's titles will be available in digital format on the same day as direct market release, beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1.




[via Newsarama]

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