NBA Players vs. Premier League Players

With the NBA playing its first ever regular season games in Europe last week, I wonder how the top NBA players would fare against the top Premier League football players, if they were to be pitched against each other.

            Well I’ve done it…below are the top ten NBA players put up against Premier League players, based on age, performances, abilities and off-court/pitch antics…

Kevin Durant vs. Gareth Bale: Both of these two young up and comers have established themselves in their respective sports. They both excite the fans with fantastic offensive performances no matter where and when they are playing. Bale showed the world what he could do against Inter Milan last year in the Champions’ League, whilst Kevin Durant lit up the NBA last season, becoming the scoring champ in only his third season. Whenever you see these guys play, you’re in for a good show.

Fernando Torres vs. Lebron James: Two guys who are right at the top of the game, putting in performances regularly, but it’s their off-court/pitch decisions which have really linked these two. We all know about Lebron James’ ‘Decision’, effectively ditching the Cleveland Cavaliers with whom he never really looked like winning a ring to join the Miami Heat, who splashed the cash, bringing him in as part of the big three with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. Torres though, recently joined Chelsea for a club record £50 million from Liverpool, who he equally deserted after all they had given him over his first seasons in the Premier League. The fans reactions were also quite similar to say the least; I remember seeing a lot of charred jerseys bearing these guys’ names.

Kobe Bryant vs. Ryan Giggs: Here we are looking at legends of their games, although these two players are getting on in their careers they still continue to amaze the fans with dazzling performances which give results. Kobe is surely a certainty to be inducted into the Hall of Fame and if you ask me, I think Ryan Giggs deserves a medal for the efforts he’s been putting in his entire career, he’s played in every Premier League season and has played over 600 games for Manchester United. Surely these two must be thinking about hanging up their boots/shoes in a few seasons, but both games will be at a loss when they do.

Blake Griffin vs. Javier Hernandez: Both brand new to their leagues, and have settled in almost instantaneously, Griffin looks a safe bet to win Rookie of the Year and was named as an All-Star in his first season after suffering a broken Patella during last year’s pre-season. He’s already earned the nickname ‘the Rim-Reaper’ because of his amazing dunking ability, proven as he won the NBA Dunk Contest, jumping over a car in the process. Hernandez though, has surprised everyone in the Premier League with his uncanny ability to find the back of the net, he scored an unbelievable header against Stoke before Christmas and is continuing to terrorise defences with his pace and never say die attitude. These two are truly special and future heroes of their sports. 

Ron Artest vs. Joey Barton: These two are in here for the wrong reasons to say the least; neither of these players would be in anyone’s all-time great’s lists, simply because of their ‘fragile’ tempers. Artest thought the best way to resolve his issues with some fans at one of his games was to climb into the stands and, like any other self-respecting gentleman would do, continue to beat them up until they apologised. This saw Artest get rewarded with a fairly lenient 82 game ban. Whilst Barton, has seen red more times than he’s seen the back of the net in his career, he’s been arrested several times for violent offences and was eventually jailed for assault. He looked to be on his way out of the frying pan earlier this season with some good performances, but ended up in the fire yet again after punching Blackburn player Morten Gamst Pedersen in the chest after an on-pitch ‘debate’. Both of these clearly villains of their sports, but still see six figure salaries come the end of each financial year.

Michael Owen vs. Yao Ming: Hugely contrasting in stature, with Yao having to duck to avoid light aircrafts, whilst Owen struggles to reach the pedals of his fancy 4x4. But these two are unbelievably similar in their sports, or their not playing of sports. Both of these players have spent a lot of time on the treatment tables. Owen of course suffered a horrendous knee injury at the World Cup in Germany which he has never really got over, whilst Yao has broken his foot more times than anyone else has broken wind. Yet, if these two are fit and healthy they can tear other teams apart with relative ease, Yao is guaranteed a double-double each game, averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds a game, whilst Owen had an unbelievable scoring ratio for England, and who can ever forget that goal against Argentina? Let’s hope these guys get healthy soon, but if I were you I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Emile Heskey vs. Jermaine O’Neal: How are these two still playing? Both of them are clearly past their ‘glory’ days and continuing to try and cut it on the professional stage. To put it frankly, when these guys score it sort of looks like a bit of an accident. Neither player has really stood out throughout their career but has seemed to do a ‘job’ for a coach or manager. If they’d like to tell the fans anytime soon what that job was, please do so, because nobody seems to know!

Manu Ginobili vs. Dimitar Berbatov: Two mysteries in their sports, Berbatov hails from Bulgaria, whilst Ginobili is Argentinian. Both of these players put in an astounding performance in one day and then decide to disappear for a while and then come back and shock everyone all over again. Berbatov netted five times for Manchester United earlier this season against Blackburn, and has scored some amazing goals in his career whilst still being one of the laziest players in history; I don’t think anyone has ever seen him run around after scoring a goal let alone when he’s actually meant to be playing! Whilst Ginobili is shocking the NBA by still putting a strong championship run together with the ageing San Antonio side.


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