GeekWeek Podcast Episode 13 (Halloween Special)

The Podcast crew are back with a vengeance and a treat. It's a special Halloween episode featuring our top 5 scariest video games, movies, and comics.

Hosts: Bryan J Daggett, Chris Velarde, Gabe Evans

01:50 - MZM2010 recap

03:27 - Long Beach Comic Con. We'll be there.

04:33 - We are now dating the Hideous Energy Podcast

06:18 - Christopher Nolan announces Batman 3 title

08:15 - Image reprints The Walking Dead

10:11 - Amc's The Walking Dead. There will be blood.

13:29 - Top 5 scariest Video Game Moments

20:10 - Syfy's Caprica = cancled

24:52 - Top 12 1/2 Scariest Movies

29:09 - Top 5 Scariest Comics

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