Cleanliness Is Next To (Time) Lordliness

It's not very often that I get excited about bathroom products ... in fact, I daresay it has never happened ... UNTIL NOW!!!!  And how can you not get excited about TARDIS shaped soap? I am absolutely distraught that my birthday and Fathers' Day have now passed and I will have to wait until Christmas to receive this awesome gift.

What will they think of next? How about After Shave in a Sonic Screwdriver shaped bottle ... it can be called Who de Toilette.  That would guarantee you a swim in Amy's pond.

Thank you Geeky Clean, you and the Doctor may have saved mankind from ExSTINKion.


Travel through time and space in the privacy of your own tub with a bar of TARDI-Soap! Weighing in at roughly 14 oz, this is a soap bar that looks bigger on the inside! The TARDI-Soap comes scented with a delightful Caramel-Apple fragrance and uses all vegan friendly materials. Save the day, smell fantastic, and always get the girl, you clever man you! (almost always anyway) Sorry, the Doctor is not included.


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