Baseball and barbeque go hand-in-hand at Orioles' legend Boog Powell's place.

Happy 4th. It is a great day for baseball, bbq, swimming and a cold adult beverage or two (if you’re of age). Here, of course, we concentrate on the baseball. Let’s do this puppy so we can all get to the other stuff. As I seem to always have a lot to say, i don’t always get to tweet all that’s on my mind. These are some thoughts I never got around to tweeting, so I thought I’d share them here:

After seeing Ubaldo Jimenez get shelled on Saturday, I feel momentarily better that I didn’t keep him in my keeper league this past spring… Roy

Oswalt would do s much for the New York Mets this season, as Cliff Lee would for the Dodgers, in trades…If somebody would have told me t the beginning of the season that Corey Hart would be one of the most sought after outfielders in trade at the All Star break, I would have chuckled… In 105 pitches, Clayton Kershaw got only 17 outs. His control so keeps him from jumping to the next level, where he theoretically deserves to be… True, the Giants believe in Buster Posey enough to have traded Bengie Molina to the Rangers, but it took long enough… Brett Gardner had his first-ever grand homer, and should probably follow that up in the years ahead… I wish there was a good mid-season fantasy league to join. Injuries are decimating my teams… I have to wonder if poor Travis Hoffman will be given the opportunity to get to 500 saves. And if so, why not this week, instead of my opponent having John Axford beat up on me… Even in starts where Stephen Strasburg occasionally shows up that he is only human, he comes away looking not all that bad… Jonathan Niese is 5-0 since his trip to the DL. How can any Mets pitcher not to well in that pitchers’ park, though? I wonder if I should skip the hot dogs and hamburgers this afternoon to save room for the prime rib and smoked duck tonight…


Might be a good time for some Coco...

Trevor Cahill is looking good for the A’s and is offering his owners ERA and Ks that are more than appreciated… Bengie Molina should up his power numbers some hitting in Arlington Stadium for the Rangers… Kris Medlen has been pitching good ball for the Braves and he seems to be flying off the waiver shelf, so grab him if you still can. 4-0. a 3.40 ERA and 37 Ks in 50+ innings isn’t too unimpressive at all… For as long as he is healthy, Coco Crisp is a decent pickup for power and steals… Ronny Paulino is quietly having a very good season as the marlins’ #1 catcher and should be picked up in deeper leagues that require to catchers… Tom Gorzelanny is a good grab as long as he’s starting for the Cubs in place of Carlos Zambrano. He looked very good the other day versus Pittsburgh- but oh, wait! Doesn’t everybody?


As of 12 noon Sunday, this is a list of people to keep an eye on before committing to them on Monday for week 14. List will be update early Monday morning: Jose Reyes (oblique), Brad Hawpe (ribs), Doug Fister (calf), Kevin Slowey (ankle), Troy Glaus (knee), Aaron Hill (flu), Clay Buchholz (hamstring), Ian Stewart (elbow), Alberto Callaspo (wrist) and Todd Helton (back).

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