FANTASY BASEBALL: Who's Hurt, Who's Hot & Who's Not - Week 8 Recap

Time for another recap of the week that was in fantasy baseball, courtesy of It was a wild week that saw a perfect game, a walk-off injury, a top prospect debut and so much more!


Kendry Morales is awaiting surgery on his lower leg, which is still to swollen to operate on. The Angels and fantasy owners would’ve been better off if he had just struck out. Looks like a timeshare between Michael Ryan, Rob Quinlan and Mike Napoli at 1B until September.

Nelson Cruz lied. He said he’d avoid the disabled list with his latest hamstring injury. Now, we hear he may be out longer than the required 15 days. This guy would be a top 3 outfielder if he could just stay on the field. Craig Gentry was recalled to take Cruz roster spot. Not really worth owning, except in deeeeep AL-Only leagues.

Jacoby Ellsbury also made a brief cameo before returning to the DL. His busted ribs were too painful to come back from so soon. Jeremy Hermida will continue to get at bats in Ellsbury’s absence.


Here’s our take on the players fantasy owners are adding and dropping the most. (Change in Ownership Percentages via CBS Sports leagues)

Hot Commodities

Angel Pagan (up 19%): Fantasy owners have finally started worshipping Pagan. He’s never been handed regular major-league at bats, but the avg.-speed combo is legit. Angel flew around the bases in the minors.

Seth Smith (up 17%): Smith has been heating up and, with the demotion of Dexter Fowler, the murky Colorado outfield situation has cleared up. He’s a solid ballplayer with a nice track record. Smart move by the 17% who picked him up. Plus, it’s just fun to own a player named Seth.

Andres Torres (up 16%): Lots of owners looking for outfield help. Torres is no spring chicken, but he’s a solid Denard Span type, who will steal you some bases, hit for a good average and occasionally knock one out of the park.

Cold Product

I tried and failed to find a photo of John Axford’s new curly ‘stache—an homage to Rollie Fingers.

Carlos Villanueva (down 15%): Psych! Looked like C-Vill was the heir apparent to Trevor Hoffman. Then some guy named John Axford gets the gig and runs with it. Ah, closer…such a volatile position.

Andruw Jones (down 12%): I was part of that 12%. Look, all of us who picked him up while he was hot knew he was living on borrowed time. Hard to believe it was so easy to drop a guy on pace for a 29-22 season! But bon’t be fooled. The average is in a freefall.

Cliff Pennington (down 11%): Speaking of freefallin’ averages…Cliffy is down to .209. Too bad. I like this kid. Pennington hit .278 last season in 208 ABs, but he doesn’t really have a history of raking in the minors, so there’s reason for concern.


Guys who stepped up over the past week:

Miguel Cairo (11-23, 2 HR, 8 R) – With 2 dingers and a .478 BA, Cairo didn’t get (E)gypt at the plate. (That’s right, a geographical pun for you. See, fun and educational.) Doubtful that many owners had Cairo active and, now that Joey Votto’s back, he’ll go back to his utility role.

Angel Pagan
(9-25 BA, 1 HR, 4 SB) – The man with the religiously contradictory name was heavenly for fantasy owners in Week 8, flashing elite speed.

Brett Cecil
(15.1 IP, 8 H+BB, 2 ER, 10 K, 2 W) – This is what the prospect hounds were expecting to see when Cecil came up last year. Gotta be patient with the young ‘uns. Now, the post-hype is pouring down, as the Blue Jays have turned what seemed to be a major weakness—starting pitching—into a ferocious three-headed monster (with Ricky Romero and Shaun Marcum playing the other heads).


Jason Werth was werthless in Week 8.

Stars who stumbled:

Jayson  Werth (1-20. 11 K) – I know he was playing over his head in April, but 1 hit all week long? At the end of the year, the numbers will be there. But Werth doesn’t amass them consistently.

Justin Upton (1-18, 0 HR, 2 RBI) – Looks like third-year slumps run in the family.

Tim Lincecum (4.2 IP, 6 H, 5 BB, 6 ER) – I think it’s officially time to start worrying about Timmy. The wildness is unprecedented. We haven’t reached the “Stat That Looks Like a Typo” section just yet, but here’s a heads-cratcher for you: 5 BB in each of his past 4 starts. That’s a Giants franchise record.



That’s how many strikeouts Max Scherzer had in his return to the big leagues. In just 5 2/3 innings. Someone must’ve forgotten to tell him the A’s weren’t a Triple-A team.


Odi: Do you like Colby Rasmus as a weekly starter in a 12 team league?

Si Korot: He is streaky, but yes

The Fantasy Geek: He’s young, so he’ll be inconsistent. But you can’t complain about 7 HR and 6 SB at this point of the season. That projects to close to 20-20.


Celtics or Lakers?


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