Review: The Apocalypse Plan


I don't know if the creators of the graphic novel, "The Apocalypse Plan," were considering television and movie rights or not but maybe they should. Either way, writer Rafael Nieves and artist Dan Dougherty have a winner on their hands: a most unusual and refreshing work and leaps off the page.

"The Apocalypse Plan" is crisp and bold storytelling that immediately draws the reader in. We begin with some gorgeous downtown scenes with inset panels that close in on the action. This is a world made up of Heaven and Hell, quite literally. J.C. runs things from his penthouse suite at Grace Corporation while his counterpart is headquartered right across the street in another august skyscraper at Morningstar, Inc.

It's on a rather ominous night that a serious incident has occurred at Morningstar. Agent Abaddon, a rather dapper man, has been called in. Amid thunder and lightning, he is met by Theda, a sexy corporate liaison. She quotes Shakespeare, "It will be rain tonight." And he quotes it right back, "Let it come down."


Abaddon and Theda definitely have appeal. Nieves and Dougherty build up the chemistry between them very nicely with bubbly banter and precise body language. We have to keep reminding ourselves that Abaddon is trying to save, not fight against, the forces of hell.

And therein lies the good fun of "The Apocalypse Plan." In a world where everything is relative, it's really up for grabs as to what we make of "good" and "evil." And what happens when the powers for good employ the means of evil? Do the means ever justify the end? Abaddon, the agent of evil, trapped in a world made up of shades of gray, can only do his job and leave it up to the philosophers to ponder the results.

If you enjoyed "The Middleman," on ABC Family back in 2008, which began as a comic, then you are sure to appreciate the quirky quality of this graphic novel. The story here is a great stand alone but there's potential for more in the future.

"The Apocalypse Plan" is $12.95 and available at your local comics shop. If not, ask for it! Or order directly from Transfuzion Publishing.

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