Jakks Pacific Unveils Ugly New Wrestling Figures

Ahhh, Jakks. Rarely has a toy company been so selective in what it hears from its fans. When we told you, time and again, that we wanted accurate scale, attires, and tattoos, you ignored us to cut corners and recycle parts. But when you announced the acquisition of the TNA and NWA licenses, and seemed to be upping the articulation...you actually did listen to the diehard collectors on Internet message boards who threw hissy fits because they wanted their figures to be consistent in style, even if that means never ever updating sculpts and articulation.

The "Ruthless Aggression" style of wrestling figure is now seven years old. Mattel, which acquired the WWE license when it expired for Jakks, has since flooded stores with more accurate and detailed figures. At one point, Jakks could roll out any old thing, and fans would be all, "hey new figures, whatevs." But they just unveiled the prototypes for the new "Legends of the Ring" line, which will feature classic TNA and NWA wrestlers, and man, these things are pathetic.

Not that I won't buy any...I still have so many of the older Jakks classics that an '80s Sting will go well with them. But the rest...enhhh.

Series 1 features Hulk Hogan in Japanese wrestling trunks, blond surfer Sting, TNA debut Kurt Angle, TNA debut Kevin Nash, and '80s Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff is below. To see the rest, FOLLOW THIS LINK to Wrestlingfigs.com.


Compare and contrast with Mattel's new classic line by checking this out.

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