Is The iPad Driving E-Book Piracy?


Is the iPad driving E-Book piracy?  That's a question asked by Wired and "the answer was a resounding 'kinda.' While almost none of Amazon’s top ten appeared on public torrent trackers, six out of 10 books in the business category were available. When TorrentFreak checked the before and after numbers, it found that the number of BitTorrent book downloads grew by an average of 78 percent in the days after the iPad went on sale."

By comparison to the problems facing movies and music, pirated books are still tiny in numbers.  But as more iPads, Kindles, and other E-Readers insert themselves into consumer homes, the demand for pirated product will also grow.  It's still not an easy endeavor to scan an entire book for digitizing, but that's just a matter of time...

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