The Recap Is My Constant: 10 Minutes Of Show, 50 Minutes Of Ads

I get that LOST is such a lucrative commodity that the advertising industry is wetting it's panties and throwing fistfuls of cash at ABC, but last night's "hour" of LOST was pretty ridiculous. For every two minutes of show there was three minutes of commercial. I'm no mathematician but GFFFGGHHHHHH.

So what DID happen in the few minutes of LOST we were given? Sayid happened.

Seriously you guys, that fight scene between Sayid and Samurai Jack in the temple was the best fight scene in six years of this goddamn show. And for once, the back story (I'm assuming it was a flashback and not the parallel timeline or whatever) was compelling and actually contributed to the plot. Sayid loves Nadia and although his motives for torturing and killing have always been fairly altruistic, in the end he just cannot escape what he's become.

Oh! And Jin was all tied up in a meat locker! He probably gave that special fancy watch to the Mafia dude from the boat because you know, Jin works for the Korean mafia! They're like, friends or something! Or frenemies! I don't know!

So Sayid happened which was awesome and bad ass and Claire happened which was also kind of awesome and bad ass and then Smokey/Flocke attacked the Temple and recruited an small army of people who chose the dark side because you know, THEY DIDN'T WANT TO DIE IN  A TERRIFYING DEATH TORNADO.

And where was Jacob in all this? Why would he let that massacre happen? He knew what was about to go down at the Temple and spared Hurley and Jack but why not the rest of the raggedy temple people? Was it because Jacob is an impotent hippy who loves him some delicious free will and Smokey/Flocke is an evil man thing of action and tyrannical tornado-y "choices"?

Also, why is Kate infuckingcapable of telling a straight story? If she would just say "Claire, listen, you abandoned your kid and we thought you were dead so I saved him and maybe you don't  quite understand this Lady Crazyface so let me say it again, I SAVED YOUR SON FOR YOU" instead of hemming and hawing and leaving shit out like the fact that Claire's mother is now Aaron's guardian, everyone would be on the same page and maybe Claire would not want to kill Kate and wear her skin as a suit. GOD.

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