New Book Dares To Ask Who's Greater: Michelangelo Or Leonardo?


And no, this is not referring to the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.  Yahoo News is reporting, "The new book focuses on a 16th century competition that set out to discover who was the better artist -- Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci, and says the outcome profoundly influenced the Renaissance titans' legacies.  At the turn of the 16th century, the Florentine government commissioned the artists to produce rival battle frescos -- Leonardo's "Battle of Anghiari" and Michelangelo's "Battle of Cascina" -- for a hall in the civic palace.  The decision by Florence officials that Michelangelo was the victor helped launch the younger artist's career and set him on a path to glory with key commissions in Rome.  Leonardo, meanwhile, was sidelined despite having a more established reputation, and ended up in the French court, which would have been looked down upon by Italy's art patrons."

Though at the time Michelangelo was declared the clear winner, history has been kinder to Leonardo, who has been consistently described as the archetype of the Renaissance man.  While Michelangelo was brilliant as a painter, sculptor and poet -- Leonardo on the other hand was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist, and writer.  Not to mention, Hollywood is currently working on turning Leonardo Da Vinci into an action star

"The Lost Battles: Leonardo, Michelangelo and the Artistic Duel that Defined the Renaissance" by Jonathan Jones is published by Simon & Shuster and hits stores tomorrow.


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