Nathan Fillion, SUPER Man!

My friend, filmmaker Patrick Lussier once compared Nathan Fillion to Harrison Ford (speaking of, Patrick and I would be as pleased as piss to have Fillion in our upcoming zombie epic, Condition Dead 3D too - - heck, for that matter, he can don a dress, and straddle a microphone stand in the musical I’m in pre-production on! The guy rocks more than a Blondie groupie – not that you kids probably even know who friggin Blondie is!)... and I can’t help but agree with the assessment. Both are stupendously versatile actors that throw themselves into every role they do, ooze charm, and more so, fit the bill of the old-school action hero (as opposed to the condoms-full-of-peanuts that get about saving the day, cinematically-speaking, these days) that Hollywood doesn't use enough of these days. Ford and Fillion have both proven you don’t need hair-free noggins, a foreign accent, and for arms to convince an audience you’ve got what it takes to save the girl… and the day.

Coincidentally, both men also hit the big time in space serials – Ford in Star Wars, Fillion on TVs Firefly. And I’m guessing that’s where this whole Ford comparison started – since Captain Tightpants shares quite a bit in common with er, Captain Tatooine. Shit, Fillion's Malcolm Reynolds is essentially Han Solo, only one hangs around a fur ball, and the other, Alan Tudyk – who must shave.

Fillion should be big – well, bigger than he is. He’s terrific in everything he’s done (see Serenity, Waitress, Trucker and his work on TVs Castle for verification of his abilities) and is seemingly having so much fun on screen, it’s infectious. Won't be surprised if he's prescribed to Swine-Flu victims soon. He’s a one-man cinematic party. Hopefully, a couple of films down the track, and studios will be filling their tent-pole balloons with the laughing gas (originally, that sentence neglected to feature the word 'laughing') he encompasses. Or, um, just hire him.

Speaking of having fun, you can’t go past James Gunn’s Slither for a good time (The sentence sounds like its leading up to an offer of a rim-job – sorry to disappoint!). The 2006 offering’s structured like an old-school monster movie disguised in blockbuster clothing – with Fillion as a small-town sheriff out to thwart an alien parasite. And they say Pearl Harbor was a ‘blast’ – Fillion rocked that thing! If you didn't own one one of the handful of cheeks that saw it in the theater, you need to check it out on DVD, it's a ripper! ...

Rapt to hear that Gunn has re-recruited Fillion for his latest flick, Super, a piss-take on the superhero genre starring Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Linda Cardellini, and Kevin Bacon (as the rogue).

Fillion will plays a pop-icon who inspires Wilson’s character Frank to don his tights. Sounds perfect to me! As does the film itself....

Bigger things are no doubt in the pipeline for Fillion – so long as he doesn’t develop a love for ear jewelry, waifs, or dreadful Touchstone comedies.

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