Kleinrock on CHIKARA - Where Wrestling, Sci-Fi & Comic Books Collide!

What?  You've never heard of CHIKARA? 

Well, my friends, if there is one form of entertainment capable of combining multiple interests of the GeekWeek.com readership - it is CHIKARA.

But what exactly is CHIKARA? Perhaps it's best to let the experts explain it themselves:

CHIKARA, is a fresh, colorful, family-friendly take on Mexican lucha libre, that plays like a comic book come to life. CHIKARA brings a sense of theatricality to the ring wars, as evidenced by the bizarre cast of wrestlers that inhabit our little corner of the universe. The action is breath-taking, the characters are mind-blowing, and the experience is one of a kind.

"CHIKARA is lucha libre by the writers of LOST" - Dr. Keith Lipinski Show

CHIKARA's expansive international following can be attributed to a number of things - the intriguing new take on wrestling storytelling, compelling characters, and an in-ring hybrid style that fuses together the acrobatics and dramatic flair of Mexican lucha libre, the hard-hitting, high-intensity spirit of Japanese puroresu, and the gracefully elegant techniques of the European styles. While all of these styles are individually great, only CHIKARA has been able to combine them into something entirely new.

"CHIKARA is the most entertaining product in the world." - Wrestling Observer Online

From the resilient trio of ants that make up The Colony, to the time-traveling snake and pharaoh that comprise The Osirian Portal, to say nothing of our men made of Ice Cream, old timey baseball stars, slam dunk champions, video game masters, and dozens of other unique grapplers, the CHIKARA roster is as close to a pro-wrestling nerdgasm as you're likely to find. Our free, weekly video podcast CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go can be found easily in iTunes or on YouTube, and is fast approaching its 200th episode! This episode serves as a great sampler of what we have to offer - check it out:

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