I just wanted to take a moment to formally welcome you to GeekWeek.com.

GeekWeek was one of the first projects I started working on once I decided to leave Fox and it has been percolating in various forms for quite some time.

The idea behind GeekWeek is very simple: one stop shopping.

On an average autumn Sunday, I'm just as likely to be watching football as I am reading comics or video gaming. On a Saturday night, I'm often torn between ordering a big UFC event or going to the big new movie release. I believe that all of hardcore fandom - from comic books to sports - comes from basically the same place. None of these things are mutually exclusive.

All of us ultimately have diverse and unique geek tastes. GeekWeek will be a place that scratches all of those itches and - best of all - will soon be fully customizable to your personal taste. Love movies but don't like wrestling/mma? No problem. Love comics, videogames and sports but hate movies? You'll be able to edit that too.

I was lucky enough to get together with Michael Sippey and the fine folks at Six Apart, the creators of TypePad and web team behind The Huffington Post, The Onion Online and Washington Post Online among countless others. They've been incredible partners and we have some very exciting developments that will roll out over the next several weeks.

It's the biggest news, smart commentary from credible voices and a dose of humor all tailored to your own personal multiverse of geekdom. Huffington Post meets USA Today for hardcore fans everywhere. We've lined up a murderer's row of blogging talent and guest commentators that will be debuting over the next few weeks. From working screenwriters to well-regarded webmasters to geek celebrities to folks who will surprise you, we've got them all. We've got a host of female geek voices on board to speak to a female audience that has existed quietly for some time and extends well beyond TWILIGHT. And we will also be announcing a few content partnerships that should get people talking as well. In general, it's going to be a very exciting 2010.

The site will be evolving greatly over the next months but we will continue to emphasize simplicity of design, color coding and ease of use. Web pages - especially in the geek space - are often far too busy and junked up and that is something we are looking to avoid here. As such, any suggestions, refinements or ideas are always welcome. GeekWeek is ultimately a community - your community, your multiverse - and we want to make your time here as enjoyable as possible.

I can't thank you enough for your patronage in these earliest days and greatly look forward to having you all as part of the growing GeekWeek universe. As the man once said, "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Welcome. And thank you!

Have a healthy and happy 2010.


Jeff Katz


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